Saturday, October 27, 2012

My Organized and Assessable Creative Room

Now that my scrapping stuff has an identifiable place to be kept, it is more likely that my crafting table will stay clean and uncluttered. I don't have the latest in matching and coordinated storage boxes and such, but I can easily see what I have and where things are. Since my room re-do I have used my die cutting tools more since I can see them. My stamps and inks are utilized now as they are in easy reach. My acrylic stamps are in one place making it a breeze to browse through them for the perfect inspiration.

I can SEE my ribbons!!!!!!

My recently purchased items can be hung on the grid walls in plain sight making it more likely they are used sooner than (years) later.

When I started my room make-over I did have the option to paint the walls. I do like wall painting, but I decided that if I took the time to paint walls I would set myself back at least a week and possibly lose the inner excitement I had at the time to organize. In a moments decision I decided that I wanted a workable place to scrap more than I wanted a beautiful place for my scrapbooking stuff.

 My freshest papers are where I can see them. Embellishments are in one area instead of hidden in multiple places. I am using tools that had been forgotten only because they had not been in sight.

One place for inks and stamps! Die cuts are in two places with 2x2 Quickutz in binders on one shelf and larger die cuts on the opposite wall still in view and assessable.

The sewing area still has some organizing opportunities, but I have already done more sewing the past 4 weeks than I had the previous 4 months. Andi's maxi dress still isn't done, but that's because I would prefer she be here when I work on it since I want it to fit her.

I personally like clear storage places.  I do like the beautifully appealing look of designer drawers and boxes, but I have found that for myself I am more creative when I can see the materials I have to work with. Anything that is still in a non-see through container will eventually be stashed in something I can see through. My crafting space does have room for improvement, but I love it the way it is at the moment.

One of my favorite additions is the ribbon bar. I still have three totes of ribbons which didn't fit on the bar I have, so I am on the lookout for another one at the $25 I paid for the first. I am also scouring the web for clever ways to display the rest of my ribbon.

Behind the open grid wall is where we keep food storage, yarn crafts, gift wrapping and misc storage.  The white cabinet holds art supplies and stationary. All my scrapbooking tools and supplies are in this main area and in view. I love it!! I am truly blessed to have my own big space to do one of the things I really love to do.


Deena said...

LOVE your craft room! It is so fun to scrap in!!!!

Diane said...

Need a closer look at that ribbon bar. :)

Liz Huntsman said...

WOW! What a dream room! It looks awesome! (I haven't seen that room since you moved in!) I don't even have a small drawer full of supplies. :( (Being poor sucked the paper scrap-booking into extinction here. Good thing they have digital scrap-booking or I would be lost!) Seriously, we need to have a scrapbook night!