Monday, October 15, 2012

Sunshine In A Cup

Dole company bottles an amazing mix of pineapple and coconut juice which has become an important ingredient for my 'Sunshine in a Cup' morning ritual. For almost a year now I have been dealing with a MAJOR problem in creating my special blend of beverage. The good folks in Florida, New York, and Arizona are privileged to be able to shop at their local grocer for my favorite juice, yet for some reason the distributors on this end of the Continent have decided not to carry this particular blend. Months ago after an extensive search on my part, the sweet people at Harmon's promised to special order a case of this stuff for me. They warned me it might take awhile before it arrived, but the promise of finally making my taste buds smile again put me in a festive mood. I waited and waited patiently for their call telling me my special order had arrived. When I didn't receive a call weeks later I began to wonder if I had misunderstand just how long it would take. I eventually called Harmon's to question their grocery manager if my juice had arrived. The nice gentleman didn't know what I was talking about, he hadn't seen any special orders for me. He was nice enough to do a bit of searching, but with no results. The very next day my adorable husband stopped in at Harmon's to inquire about the juice in person. Low and behold it had come in that morning, but been put out on the shelf for the general public. Luckily for me there were two (out of the original 8) containers remaining for Bruce to purchase. I am obviously not the only person in this city who likes this stuff. I was able to ration my two containers to last 2 weeks. Sniff, sniff. That was over a month ago. Gotta go bug Harmon's some more. Wish me luck!

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Katrina said...

Glad you found some!! thanks so much for your sweet comments on my LYB projects!!! Hugs, Katrina