Saturday, October 27, 2012

Wedding Day August 17, 1984

My daughters tease me that I do not have a wedding album made with pictures from when their dad and I were married. Well- That's because it never happened. It's all a made up story.

 The story that I have been telling my youngest three children is that their dad and I were married on August 17th in 1984. Our marriage was solemnized in the Salt Lake City Temple on a sunny, hot summer day.

My younger brother, Mark had taken photos and developed them onto slides. The only reason we do not view these pictures weekly at FHE is the fact that we do not own a slide projector.

A few years back (another time my daughters asked about the wedding photos) I had prints made from the slides. They turned out this blueish-green color. Bruce attempted to adjust the color, yet the results were not good. The pack of prints were tucked away until this past week when I came across them as I was searching for Christmas photos to put on some pretty new holiday paper I have recently purchased. (Yes, I needed MORE paper.)


Awe. Here is our little family. Jim is the little boy in green slacks with the argyle sweater vest. Chris is also in green. Chad is the little guy in the blue outfit. I am the gal in white, and Bruce has a caterpillar on his lip. :)

And we actually did get married  back in 1984.

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The King's said...

Love theses!!! The one with you, nani, and my mom is great :)