Friday, October 3, 2008

I love being surrounded by my favorites!

My favorite people that is.

Just yesterday I realized that I have over 100 pictures of people displayed in my frontroom alone. Approx. 22 in my bedroom, 43 on my metal kitchen cabinets, thousands in scrapbooks, and gazillion waiting to be posted in scrapbooks or tucked into albums, and a bazillion in electronic files.

The ones in my frontroom are mostly matted and framed. The oldest photo is an 11 x14 five generation picture (with the fourth generation missing) and I am the baby. The newest one is of Jim and Becky taken at 10,000 feet altittude during a drive to Aspen Alley in Wyoming.

There is a beautiful photoghraph of President Hinkley. It is on my wish list to display a picture of the new church Presidency. I have a specific photo in mind. There are at least three different depictions of Christ. Those are not actual 'photos' so I did not include those in my picture count.

My all-time favorites include those with beaches in the background, musical instruments, rifles or sabers, teenagers dressed up, little kids, people hugging each other, families, innocent eyes, or temples in the background. They are ALL my favorites! That is why I display them.

I enjoy the warmth and adoration I feel each time my eyes rest on one of these pictures. I love the memories and the hope I feel for the future surrounded by these people I love.

They are my world. They are my favorites.

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The King's said...

I agree, most of my decorations are pictures of people that I love. To me that is art and the best kind too. I just love love love pictures.