Friday, October 3, 2008

Jayden's and Dorian's B-day party

The birthday kids- Dorian and Jayden. Happy birthday kids.
Jayden dancing on the lawn for me. Her feet eventually got cold and she came out with a paper and a washcloth to stand on while she danced.
What's a party without a bubble machine?
The wild boys!
OK. This proves I am not proficient in blogging quite yet. The pictures are out of order. And they will be until Andi fixes this problem for me. Yay for Andi!
Opening the BIG presents.
Carefully cutting the cake. It's big enough to feed 110 people, or 18 hungry teenage boys. Neither of which were there that night.
Party! Party! Party!
Lighting the castle. By the way Dorian did get a dragon, a big orange one, which could have swooped in at about this time to light the candles with his fire breath. But it wasn't unwrapped yet.
Posing for pictures. Dorian and Derek.

This is where it really bugs me that the pictures are not in order. I have a story to tell here.
The 'pink' team working on their big wheel.
Getting help with the fairy barbie. Getting her out of the packaging can be traumatic. Then there are the wings to deal with. OMG!
The 'pink' team hard at work.
The 'blue' team.
It is going to be a photo finish so we had better have recording by the judges.

The 'blue' team may be faster, but the 'pink' team does it prettier.
How long will this take? I am obviously on the wrong team.
Calling in the pros from Harley.
The race is on! Look who is ahead. Yay for the 'blue' team!
The 'pink' team is still at it.

Anxious to be done.
Yay! Jayden on her new ride.
The mastermind of the 'pink' team.
Playing with toys.

Dorian's new ride.
I'm sure glad I was invited. What a wild party! And the best ever party guests.

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