Sunday, November 9, 2008

Great Missionaries at the Provo temple

These are missionaries we met while waiting for Rob and Jen at the Provo Temple. There were great and willing to let us take some pictures of them to send to their moms/families.
This was Andi's idea and it worked out great :) I love how they are all so unique. lol

We had each of them write down a family e-mail address that we could send the pictures to.

These two came out after we had started, so we got some pictures of them too.

The digital camera we started with ran out of battery... so we had to use Andi's film camera that she happened to bring that day. It was very entertaining to take some pictures of these great guys while we were waiting for Rob and Jen. They were so nice and quite entertaining. This day was their last trip to the temple before flying out to Chile the following Monday. So I think it was great that we decided to do this. They are great boys and we wish them all the best on their missions and hope they are doing well.

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