Friday, November 21, 2008

Thanksgiving comes BEFORE Christmas

Now that the elections are over I feel it is time to take down my patriotic decorations which have been up since June. Flag day is June 14th so that is when I try to display my July decorations. Thanksgiving day is next week and I have grandkids visiting. I don't think it would be fair to confuse them with July decorations. Grandma enjoys each holiday and likes to decorate accordingly. I will be buying a pumpkin to make into a turkey to display in that empty spot on the porch. I sure hope there is a big fat pumpkins left over from halloween. Some years it is difficult to actually find pumpkins at this time of year. I think grocery stores quit stocking pumkins after halloween since few people actually make pumpkin pies from the original source.

Autumn colors to brighten the livingroom.

This turkey is happy to sit and watch.

Pilgrims and Indians have come to visit.

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kate said...

those decorations are so cute! i LOVE decorations for holidays!!!