Friday, November 7, 2008

Time well spent

This is my grandson, Blake Benjamin. One day last summer he and I played at his house while his dad, mom, and brother went to Lagoon. We had so much fun talking, blowing bubbles with our lips, and taking pictures. Spending time with my grand kids is one of my FAVORITE things to do. Scrap booking and blogging about them is also high on my priority list.


The Huntsmans said...

Wow! What a handsome guy! :) Don't you just want to gobble him up? Thanks for putting this on here! (And thank you for watching him!)

Huntsman Hotties said...

He is a cute boy! i love his HUGE smile! I wish we lived closer so that your grand kids could be closer. Love you

Decker Family said...

It's Blake Benjamin mom... silly :P