Thursday, November 6, 2008

You Can't Take It With You

Last year Amanda was chosen to portray A
She could do more plays- but with all her many talents she has to limit the things she is involved in. This year she is doing ballroom and just finished two weeks of filling in for someone in colorguard. (see previous post) So right now Amanda does not have after school commitments- which makes me very happy. Yay!
Here she is wearing a favorite dress of mine. On the day that Rachel was baptized I was able to get off work at the last minute and attend the baptism. My work uniform was not suitable to wear in a church so I purchased a dress and shoes for the occasion. The fastest shopping I have EVER done! That was 22 years ago. Even after I gave birth to Amanda I fit (barely) into this dress. I am proof that if you don't exercise and eat right your body fizzles after age 40.
It was funny- when we were watching the play and Amanda walked on stage wearing this dress- Bruce recognized the dress before he recognized his own daughter. Well, she DOES look older than 14 years here. Bruce was not the only one who had to be told which person on stage was Amanda. It is too bad that you can't see the matching violet pumps she is wearing.

Andrea's prom dress and a great view

of Amanda's beautiful long hair.

Ahh. Completely love struck after being kissed.

Curtain call and showing off the engagement ring.


The King's said...

She looks so gorgeous!!! You know it is funny, I was in the same play and also played Alice. I was a senior in high school though! I also did ballroom, I guess me and Amanda have a lot in common!

Huntsman Hotties said...

I Love that you are blogging. We don't get to see you enough and this is so fun to see little bits of you on the blog. Amanda you are amazing babe. love you and hope you enjoy ballroom!

Decker Family said...

Nicole- another thing that you and Amanda have in commen is that you both did winter guard.

DontYouWishYouWereUS said...

Amanda is so BEAUTIFUL. I love seeing all the fun things she is doing, she is sweet to boot. You must be very proud.